Beginning training

Beginning Training

Let's not waste any more time and get straight into it. We need to start with developing some base strength and honing in your skills on the track. But, most importantly you have to set your goals and measure yourself. 

To begin with......

1. Get an A5 exercise book (you probably have one of these left from school subjects).

Just needs to be a book to record everything in. Not too big because you have to take it to the gym and track. This is your exercise diary; you have to write everything in this. You do not have to show it to anyone if you don't want to. It is to record results and goals. Paste this email inside the front page of the training diary.

2. Measure yourself.

This means both physically and skills. Record in your training diary today's date and the following: Height, weight, chest, waist, hip, bicep, thigh & calf measurements. Remember where you took the measurements (Mum or Dad could help out here) as you have to take them in exactly the same places in 1 months time. Have someone time you doing your best lap on home track including the gate. Write this in the diary.
Every morning take your heart rate before getting out of bed. It is easier if you take it for 6 seconds and X by 10. Record this in the diary. An increase in resting HR can be a sign of overtraining so we have to keep an eye on things. Then weigh yourself, again recording in diary. Any decrease in weight will again mean overtraining (burning up the muscle faster than you can develop it).

3. Write your long and short term goals at the bottom of the page.

Put the amount of weeks until the goal. Write something like "In 22 weeks I am going to make the top 8 at the State Titles". Each week write it again at the bottom of the page and adjust the weeks to count down.

4. Time to get training.

I have set a basic program to get you started. Unless you have been doing this kind of training for a year using your own body weight, do not use weights. To get the most from your training you need to have someone show you the correct way to do each of the exercises. If you are going to the gym, they have staff there that can help you out. If you are doing this at home, give me a call and we can discuss the exercises. None incorrectly, you will injure yourself and this will mean a set back in your achievements.

5. At the track.

Work on your strength here too. The more pumping skills you develop the stronger and quicker rider you will become. No point being good at the gate and jumps if you can't pump! Start by pedaling to a point on the track then pumping the rest of the way. Work it down so the point you pedal to becomes less each week. Eventually you should be able to pump the whole track with speed. If you are riding in clips take them off and train on flat pedals.

6. Record everything in your diary.

What you eat, what you did at training, how far you rode your bike to school, the skill you are going to work on next, how much you lift in the gym, who do you want to be able to ride like, etc.
Sounds boring but you will like looking back through it to see how far you have come. Especially, when you re-measure yourself both physically and on the track!

Good luck, BMXQ...


Beginning Gym Program
Frequency: 3 X week
Weights: First set light, next moderate & last set difficult for 8 - 10th rep
Program update: 10 weeks from commencement date or after 30 sessions

Warm up: Ride bike slowly for 10 mins, just cruising pace.
Work out: Squats 3 X 10
Push Ups 3 X 10
Tricep Dips 3 X 10
Chin ups 3 X 10
Lunges 3 X 10
Calf Raise 3 X 10
Cool down: Ride bike slowly for 15 mins, just cruising pace then stretches for 10 mins.

Stretch each body part at the end of the last set. For example, Squats - stretch quads and glutes. Hold stretches for at least 20 seconds. Think about the muscle you just used and how it will help with riding.