History of BMX (USA)

History of BMX (USA)

First Organised Race

On the 10th of July, - 1969 in Santa Monica, Southern California a group of kids who couldn't think of anything better to do, started riding their bicycles on some dirt trails at the local park.
The rest is "BMX HISTORY".
This is where BMX originated an now it has developed into a billion dollar a year industry and one of the largest youth sports across the world.
That particular day in July was one of those perfect days for riding "pedal cross" as it was originally known. The kids were budding motocross riders who were not old enough or did not own a motorbike. So they rode their 20 inch Stingray Schwinns to the Santa Monica Palms Park and convinced park attendant Ron Mackler to help them organise races. 

BMX is Born


Soon after this first race the word spread with more and more kids joining in the races. The running of the races was soon taken over by Rich Lee, who has been active in the sport ever since. 

First Riders Organisation


In November 1970 a young motorcycle racer named Scott Breithaupt saw a group of kids imitating motocross in Long Beach. He gave it a try and like it so much he began organising races and a couple of months later formed the first BMX Riders Organisation, Bicycle United Motocross Society. (BUMS for short)