Every great sport needs great officials.



BMX Queensland appreciates the people that step forward to take on roles as officials whether it be at a local club meeting or at a National level. You don’t even need to know how to ride a bike, all the support and training is provided for you to gain accreditation as an official and enjoy your participation at whatever level you aspire too.



BMX Queensland in conjunction with BMX Australia’s Officiating Program educates, assists and develops officials so they can support the sport of BMX in key roles such as scoring, race commissaire, staging, gate starter, finish line judges and other roles.

Officials play a critical part in BMX, with those that volunteer for these roles directly supporting rider participation through officiating during training sessions, skills development days and competitions.

BMX Queensland encourages you to become involved as an official. You will be supported by our easily understood official’s pathway, which has a transparent framework to equip you with the knowledge required to perform your role.

Officiating also provides each individual the opportunity to learn and develop in the role, and could take you from a local club night all the way to a role at international competitions governed by the UCI.



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