Club Contact

Club 0473 926 680

Postal Address

Po Box 873 Emerald QLD 4720

Track Address

Sunrise Rotary Park, 181 Opal St Emerald


President: Hamish Crouch
Secretary: Anita Hazlewood, chbmxclub.secretary@gmail.com
Treasurer: Tracey Crouch, chbmxclub.treasurer@gmail.com
Registrar: Jamie Bargenquast
Committee: Vice Secretary, Alisha Richert. Canteen, Natalie Eves. Track personnel, Carlo Stangherlin & Alastair Hazlewood.
Other: First Aid, Alastair Hazlewood, Hamish Crouch & Jamie Bargenquast.
We want you !!!
Welcome to the CENTRAL HIGHLANDS BMX Club!
We are a newly established club located in the town of Emerald. We formed after a group of us moved to the Central Highlands region from various other BMX clubs in QLD. We each saw this amazing track in Emerald
and came together to form a club to continue our love of racing and to share the love of BMX with Emerald and the wider Central Highlands community. Our current members come from towns throughout the region
including Blackwater, Clermont, Springsure and Emerald.
Come and join us in the fun of racing, and become a part of a friendly, inclusive, family orientated club.
We are dedicated to all of the above!
We encourage all riders to race at any level – young or old. And it’s for both Male and Females……. So come and give it a try!
We race Friday nights. Please contact us for start times.
Cost: $6 for an individual, $15 for family (3+ Riders)
Annual CHBMX membership $50 per family.
Please join our Facebook page for all updates including upcoming training, gates and racing, BMX items for sale, general club information and photos of some of the fun times had by our club members.
Committee Meetings: Club meetings will be held monthly. Please see our Facebook page for upcoming date and time.
How to be Rider Ready- Getting started in BMX doesn’t have to be costly. You can start out on your street bike, wear long sleeved pants and a long sleeved top, closed-in shoes and socks, gloves and a full face helmet.
The club has spare gloves and helmets to help you out in the beginning. Your street bike might need a couple of modifications for safety (removing reflectors, bells,pegs etc). We can help you out and get you started
To start BMX you will need to have a current BMXA license which you can purchase online, at this site you will also find all the information there in regards to membership https://bmxaustralia.com.au/new-to-bmx/
Licenses are compulsory before you can start.
You can choose different levels of licensing to cover you:
4 month Trial license (A taster license to see if you love it as much as we do)
12 month Club only racing (only race at CHBMX)
12 month Open License ( race at any club in Australia)
12 month ‘Sprocket’ License (for riders aged under 8 years)
12 month ‘Mini wheeler’ License (for riders aged from 2yrs who use balance bikes with no pedals)
While obtaining your child’s license online, it would greatly help the club if you also obtain a Level 1 Officials license. Taking on a track role during racing is a great way to be part of the sport. It’s quick and easy to
complete and won’t cost you anything. You can obtain a Level 1 Officials license at the BMX AUS website. http://www.bmxaustralia.com.au/en-au/development/officiating/level1clubofficial.aspx 
Support your child, by supporting the club.
Volunteers for race nights-
Friday nights are our race nights. We NEED VOLUNTEERS to make racing happen. There are many roles you can volunteer to help with to keep racing happening smoothly and keep your rider racing. All our track
volunteers (Level 1 Officials) must have a current license.
Without volunteers we can’t take to the track and race nights will not go ahead.
Volunteer Level 1 Official roles-
Staging (organising the riders for their race, calling out their gate)
Berms/Flags (communicates with the Starter that the track is safe and clear for the next race)
First Aid (assists any fallen rider, must hold a current senior first aid certificate)
Gate starter (operates the gate on the start hill)
Lines (watching and recording the order as riders finish over the line)
Canteen (keeping the club fed and hydrated)
Don’t be shy – contact your committee with any questions. We were all new to racing at some point. We would be happy to help and we would love to have you on board!
We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on track soon! ☺