Club Contact

Natasha Bastable 0404 210 270

Postal Address

Po Box 14 Maryborough, QLD 4650

Track Address

300 Gympie Rd, Tinana Maryborough



Welcome to the Maryborough BMX Club! We have a club of around 160 members and riders young and not so young. We try to create a friendly atmosphere for all people who attend our race meets and our executive committee are available to meet with any members who have or wish to express any ideas or concerns that they may have.
Maryborough had its first track adjacent to the cycle velodrome and raced there for approximately 18 months back in 1980. In 1981 the Sporting Car club leased land to the Club and a new facility was built in October 1981. Since then the club has seen many track changes and ground changes through the years.
Committee meetings are held on the first, Tuesday night of each month at 7.00pm. Check with the secretary or the president for location.
General racing rules and requirements
NO swearing is allowed either by the officials, riders or parents.
Before you reach the start mound or staging area you must have a race worthy bike and you MUST have all of your safety gear on. We ask that you remain as quiet as possible on the start mound so the other riders can hear their call.
On club nights there is a draw for your lanes which is computer generated. You then proceed to the lane selected for you and wait for the caller to start the race. You will hear the call “Riders ready, set yourselves”, and then the gate will drop. There will only be one call per gate per rules set down by BMX Australia. You will then race around the track to the finish line where you will be scored. At the end of six races, or motos as we call them, the scorers will then add your results up which are published occasionally in the local papers.
Racers are required to wear long sleeved shirts and long pants, shoes and socks, a helmet (preferably to cover the ears) and gloves. The bike must be roadworthy and have a number plate (an ice-cream lid will do to start with).
President: Ian Buckland
Vice President: Ky Rossiter
Secretary: Natasha Bastable, maryboroughbmx@hotmail.com 0404 210 270
Treasurer: Cassie Duthie, treasurer.maryboroughbmx@hotmail.com
Registrar: Leisha Kelly, maryboroughbmx.registrar@hotmail.com