Club Contact

Alexandra 0408 894 948

Postal Address

Po Box 49 Nerang, Qld 4211

Track Address

Mortensen Rd, Nerang


Welcome to the Nerang BMX Club Website
The Nerang BMX Club was founded on the 4th May 1979 where the Nerang RSL now stands. The Club has moved twice since then and is now situated in Mortensen Road, Nerang. In 1989 the track area was fully
enced. The facility is totally maintained by dedicated members.
What’s needed for BMX racing
A race worthy bike is a necessity. Bikes can cost what you want them to. Anything that looks like a BMX bike is a BMX bike and suitable.
A BMX helmet is very similar in design to a Moto-X helmet, but is constructed of lightweight materials. Full face helmets of a one piece construction are recommended.
Racing pants are usually made from nylon or sail cloth materials as these are more difficult to tear. Padding is inserted into the knee and hip areas. Tracksuit pants and jeans are also suitable.
A racing jersey is essentially a long sleeved shirt with padding sewn into the elbow. Any long sleeve top is acceptable.
BMX gloves are available at most bike shops, any type of gloves may be worn as long as they cover all of the fingers.
Any flat soled tennis style shoe or runner will provide the necessary grip required on the peddles with which riders must wear ankle length socks.
Club Membership
Club membership is a yearly fee (1st July to 30th June) of $55 for one rider or $75 for two or more riders. This is a family membership which has all family persons financial members.
Australian License
Like all international sports, there is an administration body. Our Australian Association controls the sport and all its aspects, maintains limited insurance and provides a forum for planning and debate. Membership via
license fees is obligatory, and a current Riders License permits the holder to race at all other BMX tracks right up to State, Australian, and World level.
Race nights and training sessions
Race nights are on Friday night and are fortnightly. Nominations close around 7pm with racing starting at 7:15pm. To enter a race night you proceed to the nomination box which is located at the end of the finish straight.
Cost is $6 per rider (members) & $7 per rider (non members)  the money going towards state riders levies, ribbons and trophies. There are 4 motos each race night. Training Sessions are on a Wednesday night starting
at 6pm through until 8pm. Cost of this night is only $2 which helps with the cost of the lights. Lots of fun is had on both these nights. Come along and see for yourself!
President: Trent Asmus
Secretary: Alexandra Walter, committee@nerangbmx.org.au
Treasurer: Shane
Registrar: Travis Sinclair
Other: Track Manager, Nick Bentley. Canteen Coordinator, Bec Bently. Mini Wheeler, Alex Walter. Coaching Coordinator, Dale Percy. Maintance Manager, Matt Hardy.
If you are running late on a club night please call any of the above contacts and advise them of your intentions to ride so we can nominate your riders etc