Information for Club Coaches

Information For Club Coaches

Use of Zone Coaching Plan for Club Coaches

The sessions and dates are guidelines, developed to assist club coaches in the delivery of coaching and preparation of riders for Major/Minor BMX Events.
The Training Plan represents a range of coaching activities. If your riders require training in a specific area (such as you have just redesigned your track, or they are traveling to a race meet where the track will require different skills than your home track) look back through the sessions and find the activities appropriate to your rider’s needs. 

Record Keeping

Keep a record of everything that happens during your training session. Such as:

    - Who attended

    - Who assisted

    - Date/Time

    - Track Conditions

    - Any First Aid/Accident/Incident issues

    - Copy of the completed Accident and Incident Form if required during your session

    - Behavior of riders/parents/officials

    - Rider progress/test results

    - Rider feedback (track conditions, recommendations for changes, reports on races at other tracks, etc)


This information can be used in several ways:

    - An accurate record of who was at training and any incidents that may have occurred. 

    - Useful tool in determining rider incentive awards at the end of the year.

    - Accurate data collection for determining the rider’s progress.

    - Accurate record of Volunteer Hours. 

Correcting Pedalling Style

Insist on the use of Platform Pedals for all training sessions except the last 6 leading up to a Major Race. This probably isn’t going to please everyone! Too often do we see really poor pedalling technique in riders who are relying on their clips. It is more common in the 8 – 13 age group. By getting these riders off their clips and back onto platforms, as coaches and parents, we are assisting them to develop correct pedalling style, encouraging their weight towards the back of the bike. This will also result in greater bike control and ultimately mean staying on their bike! Less crashes. Clips are fine for the bigger race meets, but should not hinder rider development. Look around at the Pro Riders, they all race and train in platforms unless it is a Major race meet such as the Worlds or Nationals.

Four Periodised Training Plans have been developed as a guideline for Club Coaches, within the 4 Zones in QLD, in the delivery of training sessions, assisting in the preparation of BMX riders for major BMX events. Look to the left hand side to find the headings, then scroll through to find the appropriate date. Note how the training plan works through the phases of training such as strength, speed, pre comp and recovery. Each page represents 3 weeks of training broken into separate sessions for Sprockets, Intermediate (8yrs - 13yrs) and the 14+ Group and includes warm up, activities, cool down and notes.


Updated for 2007