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BMX QLD COVID Safe Plan (Stage 3 updated 10-07-20) – Click Here

BMX Queensland “Number Plate Order Form”Click here

BMX Queensland “20200721 Events Flyer Checklist”Click here

BMX Queensland’s “Events Application” (open days) – Click here

BMX Queensland’s “Calendar Date & Change Request Form”Click here

BMX Australia’s “Risk Management”Click here

BMX Queensland’s “Events Handback Form” (updated 30 July 2018) – Click here

BMXQ EFT form (Prize money 2019) – Click here

BMXQ “MYLAPS Flex Transponder purchase order” (2019)Click here

MYLAPS Transponder warranty informationClick here

BMX Queensland Policies (20 September 2018)Click here

BMX Queensland Constitution (November 2018) –  Click here

BMXA Rules and RegulationsClick here

BMXA PoliciesClick here

BMXQ Complaints HandingClick here

BMXA Complaints Handing –  Click here

All other information visit BMXA websiteClick here

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